December 10, 2009

Sadia Imam a simple but Very Pretty Celebrity of pakistan

Sadia Imam a dusky gurl from Rawalpindi,
is the pick of all Drama Producers. She is the most sought after and
the most frequently found face in every other Drama Serial.

Sadia Imam has the talent and the looks to go with it. With a perfect round face
and delicately balanced features she is the right choice. She is one of
the most attractive female artists found in our industry.

Sadia Imam has not only played varius roles in Drama Serials and Long Plays but
has also participated as a model in commercials, cat walks and

On TV Sadia Imam looks like a gorgeous young woman
a gorgeous intelligent young woman who seems to know the tricks of
the trade and knows she is got what it takes to be on top.

when at ease, she is a child. Everything she does is innocently
childlike; the way she speaks, rolls her round black eyes in
exasperation, miles her toothy shy smile, puts up her thick black hair
in nest like knot. There is no other way to describe her.

Sadia Imam is
association with the media has been a long journey. She started doing
radio shows from Islamabad {her hometown}

These photos of Sadia Imam are from a soap airing on TvOne. The few times I had noticed her before was due to her figure. She has real beauty, a tiny waist and flaring hips that really look amazing on her petite frame.

This is real beauty. Simple and complete. Not the heavily made-up bandariyas of bollywood who have to bare and shake all, to get your attention.

You can really appreciate how well she’s been endowed upstairs and downstairs, when she’s wearing those tight lawn kurta shalwars.

But these pics are not all of her figure. It’s the way the camera focused on her face that brought out her gorgeous (green ?) eyes. The heart-shaped lips, the meticulously drawn arched eyebrows and the wonderful skin.

She looks so elegant, so poised, so… awesome in these close-ups. An Isabella Rosellini or a Juliette Binoche of Pakistan. Damn, she’s so pretty you don’t even want to have sex with her. You just want to sit her down and stare at her, like you would, a work of art.

I love how she gave max meaning to her lines, with minimal effort. No loud bangs and camera going nuts, Zee-TV-style, to make a dramatic point. She’s a veteran of the small screen and has enough confidence in her abilities to pull it off with one look, or a glance.



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