December 17, 2009

Amina Shafaat Pretty Looks

Chandni Bar
Nothing succeeds like success and nothing inveigles like success. Few can resist the temptation of fame and fortune, of glory and glamour. But success doesn't favor every Joe and Jane. It selects few dear and near ones, on whom she bestows her blessings. Sensuous, gorgeous, ravishing, brooding looks, million dollar smile and what not, she is Amina Shafaat, a model par excellence and an equally enchanting petite person. Amina is a beautiful combination of what we can "beauty with brains" and she knows exactly what she wants from life. Having a charming personality and candid behavior, she has a strong will that differentiate her from other showbiz girls. In fact she has all the pre requisites to melt the hearts of thousands by her winning smile and by her ravishing looks. Amina makes for one of the most beautiful ladies in modeling. We're sure most teenyboppers would vehemently agree with this statement. And yet, behind that beautiful and pretty exterior lies a sensible woman, who knows exactly what to look for when it comes to choosing a project. With a head on her shoulders and a few exciting projects in her kitty, Amina is a case of fame that you have earned. Barely two and half years in the industry, Amina is well on her way to the top. That's probably because with a no-nonsense attitude like hers that spells professionalism, she can't help but be there. But, then again, there's more to her than just her pretty face. And this is where she talks about it all, Here, the damsel talks in detail about her likes and dislikes, aspirations, perceptions, favorites and the experience as well as her future plans.
Chandni Bar 'Models are not dumb rather it is the questions that are asked which are dumb'; says Amina Shafaat as soon as I started the interview. Contrary to my belief that models are dumb and has no mind of their own, I got that Amina was a real different than the other models and stars that I had interviewed earlier on. Amina a go-getter, showed-off her beautiful straight black hair; truly relaxed and normal about her successful career in modeling, the lass has just been back after a shot. Sitting comfortably on the couch and looking with her deep big sparkling eyes Amina spoke her heart out - the ups and downs of her journey, till where she is today, each experience that changed her and each experience that made her. And as she spoke, we just listened as she has the charisma of making people stop and listen her.
Starting her modeling career some two and half years ago; which again was not any of her 'dreams or ambitions'. Amina tells, 'It just came my way and it was completely unthinkable for me. I never planned to be a model or a showbiz personality ever. Khawer saw me in a party and thought that I am already a model. He offered me to become a model but I refused. One find day, I decided that I should try it at least and I took permission from my home and that is how I landed here'. Getting known mainly for the Faakhir's Spain shot video Dilruba, Amina feels, 'it is the best part of my career. Initially I was not interested in doing it but they told me staright away that they have conceived the very idea keeping me in their mind. That is why I have to say yes to the video. The video is still the best thing in my career. Every one has done his best in the video. I am still recognized by the video and that is why I am not planning to do more videos like that'.
She is very much choosy about her work that is why she prefers signing limited projects at a time. When inquired, she told, 'I just like to do selected work and that is why I don't sign up everything that comes my way. That is the reason though I have worked very less I am noticed. Same is the reason behind not taking up more videos after DilRuba, as I don't want to ruin myself by coming in hosts of videos. I don't want to get overexposed; that is the basic reason behind not taking every single project that comes my way'. As the gal has been in the modeling, she is adorning different glossy magazines along with making random apperances on television through different commercials. She trilled every one with her innoncent looks and bewitching face. That is why in this brief period she is on the top place, her looks, her body expressions and her physique has landed her into some of the most watched over multi national TVCs like GT, Milkon, Pantene, International Shampo Saint, Everyday, Fair & Lovely, Lipton, Sony and Waa. When asked about the very fact that what she mostly likes doing, either a commercial or a shot, she told, 'I love TVCs as I can just keep on doing them. They are so challenging, it gives you a high that you are the role representative for all of them and their work'. Chandni Bar
Interestingly enough, in contrast to other models, who aspires to land in tube or films, she has no such plans of joining any such field except modeling and not even the catwalks. She is focusing her major attention towards modeling and fashion and plans to continue it further. She makes her point clear by saying that, 'I had no plans because I am not inclined to do acting. I feel quite odd acting in tube or films. Acting is actullay a make belief world and I don't think that I can act as I can't memorize the lines and speak. That is the very reason that I also don't do catwalks'.
The gal leads a very different life. She loves spending most of the spare time with her family. Though she was not much interested in watching TV before coming in showbiz. She tells that now she is more interested in watching the TVCs, 'I know that how much effort is been done on a TVC. You make a small world in itself. I never watched the TVC's and advertisements before I actually started appearing in them. But I think that making an advertisement is a tough job, every one puts up its effort'. When asked about the role models, Amina again proves to be different than the rest of girls and says, 'I was not the kind of person who view the magazines and discusses the dresses with the friends, I only knew Amna Haq, Vinnie and Iraj before actually coming into it. There were no role models for me naturally as I never aspired to be a model. It was just the decision of a life time' Was she camera shy? 'Yes, I was a little bit confused doing my first TVC. The camera was so big and I was so confused how to do that. But gradually I learnt it. Now, I know how much effort is been put up in a commercial. It was an awesome experience shotting the commercial. When I came back I told all my friends what happened there and how much exciting the whole experience was'.
She has worked with hosts of photographers including Khawer Riaz, Rehan Qureshi and Rizwan Beig and he terms Khawer the best. 'You don't mature if you work with one photographer only. It becomes boring for you. That is why I work with others too as every photographer has its own individuality'. Chandni Bar As a happy go lucky girl, she doesn't plan any thing. 'I don't want to be disappointed in my life. I don't mess with my destiny. I just feel that God send you with a cause and you've to make a choice', continues a jubilant Amina. 'I am still the same Amina that I was before. There is no change in my behavior and attitude. I've no regrets and hard feelings about joining showbiz as I am really enjoying it'. She is very much fond of cooking and that is why she aspires to 'open a bakery. I am very fond of cooking and I can bake, Chinese, Thai, burgers, continental and Pakistani foods. So, I definitely wants to excel myself in this'.

She hates jealousy, a character trait that most of the women associated with showbiz have in abundance. 'Every women has got the prerogative, no body can force to do something. We shouldn't waste our time in jealousy. If you use the energy in some better manner, you should stay happy, lets happy, let people happy. Waste of time, you can do that constructively. Never say something that you don't really mean'. As a person, Amina is 'simple, down to earth, happy go lucky, sweet, caring, good hearted and modest'; to say in her own words. She has an extremely friendly attitude that differentiates her from her counterparts and keeps a person glued to his seat.



Either you choose any specific bandwagon, surviving Pakistani showbiz in solitude is impossible. Believe me the mafia in fashion field is not a cock and bull story, rather they are living in clover. Amna has endured the fashion field with scrupulousness and veracity. Her entry in fashion field might have been prudish for her fellow models. It was a fluke neither but moderately it was a good omen. She has never fatigued for wining smile and wining face rather they came as a package from nature, which made her grasp the right field for herself. There are many itches and pricks in this field, but when you have the right calamine lotion there is no stopping you. One has to be prophetic and apocalyptic with sibylline style to live the norms of this field, but this diva seems to possess them for long now.

Success is never be-all and end-all for anyone. After success it is bread buttered on both sides. One fathoms that in modelling, one has to do as the roman’s do. But Amna doesn’t falls in such category; she has created her own Rome, where others have to adjust themselves. A field where mafia seems to be in control as many gurus say, it takes



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