November 30, 2009

GIRLS FIGHT Blonde Vs. brunette

At first we thought it would be a sucky girls cat fight. haha but they were going insane lol. the girl on the cheerleading outfit actually had some hidden agner that day.
lol good clean fight.

This is like one out ten videos where the girls ain't pulling hair and yellling "bitch!"

Nabila Student of Fine Arts

An attractive Pakistani girl is enjoying while sitting in her bedroom. Her style is giving her a dazzling look. She has a pretty name like her yes Nabila living in Islamabad Pakistan. She is student of fine arts and now the days doing rest and preparing her next semester’s exam. She likes swimming and wants to talk with friends on mobile. She has a short numbers of friends especially in Islamabad. Nabila says she loves to do different activities with friends for enjoyment like, cook food, take photographs of each other, gossiping and try different styles of make up on each other.
Nabila is a smart, gentle and nice-looking gale and wants to make friends like her. Contact her! Make positive response and get friendship with Nabila in Islamabad.

Theses are Desi Babes

You can find a lot of fresh and beautiful faces of pakistani gilrs while searching on internet.
Most of these girls belongs to Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore but Karachi has the most.
You will find some really hot clips of Pakistani girls like mms for mobiles and they are uploaded by their boyfriends, because they love these girls.
These desi babes are getting loss by these have these scandals on internet.
I advise these girls to avoid sex relationships with any boy , because in this way she may get scandalized and may be blackmailed from her stupid boyfriend all the life.
Mobile friendship also leading a great loss because mostly young boys and girls are involved in mobile friendship and after some time of their friendship they start doing mobile sex, which is very harmful for their health, study and wealth.
Enjoy you life and respect these pakistani girls.

Hot looking Girls

These three girls are really cute as well as sexy living in uk for their study. These beautiful pakistani girls are so happy in uk because they have their compney from childhood, and still they are living together. Basically they belong to some families from lahore defence and they say that they love Pakistan and especially their native city lahore.
These girls send us their photo and say that they love to make friends from Pakistan. You can leave comment for these cute girls.

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Noreen is in United States

Pakistan Muslim woman, Noreen is in United States. She and her brother and older sister has Focused on Specialization in Medicine. Her father is a well settled businessman and full support of her children to the Objectives to capture. Emirates is confused and wants to share with Readers on her blog the goal. She says: I would like to take the opportunity to explain how Screwed our primary medical care system (and by Affiliation to take anyone that Needs or will need a doctor) would be if we do not change a bit Things the life 10 years .
I do not mean the problems with health insurance. I mean the impending collapse of primary care that is family medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry. Those fields that would Normally form the core of medical care in the country are Threatened by the Reimbursement Rates so low, that a 2008 survey of medical students Showed that only 2% are planning to go to primary care.

November 28, 2009

Paki Babes Looks Happy on Eid Days

On Eid Days if you observe pakistani girls , you may find a great happiness in them, they enjoy alot even if we say just to see them we boys go outside from our home, on eid days many girls busy in their home and they lik to help their mothers, but some of them chill larkiyan go outside and enjoy eid, Well pakistani girls have real beauty thats why every indian boy wants to talk with them on net, some pakistani girls have attictude wich also make them more valuable. Here you may see some paki girls images and photos on eid day.

Mehandi is better than tattoos

I think Mehandi designs looks beautyfull on girls, and they should apply mehandi instead off tattoos, here in asia mostly 90 percent girls apply ehandi on eid, and shadi events..Mehandi design experts are really creactive in pakistan. here on this eid i m going to show you some cool mehandi design pakistani experts... have a look n feel free to give comments. Eid Mubarak to All from Pakistani Girls.

November 27, 2009

Some Words about Dr Shaista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi is a good example of a strong personality and a hot body, winning out over a freaky feature. She is a smart, fit bandi who carries herself with style.
The thing that separates Shaista from the rest of the morning talking heads, is that she has something inside hers. She is obviously a smart cookie, but she has a good work ethic and comes prepared for her morning interviews. She asks pertinent questions, does follow-ups and is unrelenting until such time that she has gotten you to say more than you were prepared to offer. Above all, she does not let ‘favorites’ slide, or offer them a walk-over. Everybody gets the same drill. That’s quite a unique trait among desis, not to say of journalists in particular.
Sometimes, as it happens, she get a lousy grouch for a guest. You can see she’s struggling, can’t get into it, but she tries her best to save the show. It’s akin to drilling oil out of a tooth. Her shows are deliberately structured to be substantive and deal with real bread-n-butter issues. Unlike the fluff and glamor that’s the hallmark of morning shows on other channels.

November 22, 2009

Sunita Marshall, Lovely In Black N White, On FTV

It’s not easy to look good in a pair of tight jeans. To look spectacular, is as rare as the sighting of a shooting star. If you asked me to name one that fit the bill, off the top of my head, I would have to say Heather Thomas, from the show The Fall Guy.

Never, have a pair of legs and butt (of course), have looked so good, while all covered up in denim. Thousands of butts later, her butt, still sticks out in my mind. It’s a pity no one seems to have captured it on the net. If that show was running today, we would have internet shrines of hers all over the place.

So you can understand, what a big deal it is (to me), when after all this time, it’s Sunita Marshall (and not some starlet from Hollywood), who was able to quicken the pulse of this jaded heart. These vidcaps have been taken from FTV, which was covering the opening of some overpriced, pretentious little hole-in-the-wall brand store.

She appears to be the Pakistani version of the classic pinup girl. She’s tall (5′10″) with legs that go on forever. She’s got the wild curly mane of hair, the extra gloss on those pouty lips. Her shapely tits restrained by a strapless bra (when are Pak models going to get rid of these things) and the toned expanse of tanned tummy with it’s delicious navel, providing a sublime transition from the light of her knotted shirt, to the dark of her jeans underneath.

I confess, I have the tiniest shoe fetish. It is brought on by the sort of uber-sexy knee-high boots that Sunita is wearing here. These particular boots don’t have the dull heels which one wears on snowy sidewalks in Manhattan. Rather, they have the sharp stiletto heels that are more at home on a public stage, or… somebody’s private dungeon.

They would nicely complement a leather bustier and fishnet stockings. Perfectly straight guys start to drool and want to give blowjobs to such shoes, while they are in service. I don’t blame them. It’s a visceral reaction. We all hold Nancy Sinatra to the lyrics of her song, “One day these boots are gonna walk all over you”. Promise ?.

This shoot is making me hungry and I’ve figured out the reason why. Sunita is dressed up to be a giant ice cream sundae. The jeans (chocolate), the tummy (caramel), the shirt (whipped cream) and the dark hair (sprinkles). I know I missed something… yeah, the cherries on top. You can’t see them, but they are there. Trust me. They just dropped into the whipped cream.

There’s an old term used in the Sub-Continent to describe the undulating curves of a desi woman’s torso. They say, “Her back, was like that of an archer’s bow”. Seeing Sunita in profile, you can finely understand the finer nuances which have been celebrated and circumnavigated by generations of appreciative desi men.

Sunita’s family lives in England and she commutes back and forth, for work in Pakistan. By George! we are blessed to have her here in Pakistan. She is working in several soaps, on the catwalk and of course numerous print campaigns. She is a righteous hottie with the cutest personality and a stand-up gal. I hope she continues to liven up the local scenery with her gorgeous self.

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