November 27, 2009

Some Words about Dr Shaista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi is a good example of a strong personality and a hot body, winning out over a freaky feature. She is a smart, fit bandi who carries herself with style.
The thing that separates Shaista from the rest of the morning talking heads, is that she has something inside hers. She is obviously a smart cookie, but she has a good work ethic and comes prepared for her morning interviews. She asks pertinent questions, does follow-ups and is unrelenting until such time that she has gotten you to say more than you were prepared to offer. Above all, she does not let ‘favorites’ slide, or offer them a walk-over. Everybody gets the same drill. That’s quite a unique trait among desis, not to say of journalists in particular.
Sometimes, as it happens, she get a lousy grouch for a guest. You can see she’s struggling, can’t get into it, but she tries her best to save the show. It’s akin to drilling oil out of a tooth. Her shows are deliberately structured to be substantive and deal with real bread-n-butter issues. Unlike the fluff and glamor that’s the hallmark of morning shows on other channels.

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  1. I think she is doing a good job well and u can c it on some thing i did for Dr Shaista Wahidi and tell me how to follow your blog thanks


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