May 30, 2009

Share your heart beats now!!!

Jurm-e-toheen mohabbat ki saza day mujhko
kuch to mehroom ulfat ka sila day mujhko
Jism say rooh ka rishta nahi toota hai abhi
Hath say sabr ka daman nahi choota hai abhi
Abhi jaltay howay khwabon ka dhuwan baqi hai

Apni nafrat say meray pyar ka daman bhar day
Dil-e-ghustakh ko mehroom-e-mohabbat ker day
Dekh toota nahi chahat ka haseen taj mehal
Akay bikhray nahi mehki hue yadon kay kanwal
Abhi taqdeer kay gulshan main kizaan baqi hai

(Guys if you want to share poetry or whatever you have in your heart just write it down in comments its your blog and just for you. Keep visiting and suggest us what you want us to do for you, please give some comments about this site, REMEMBER : this is not a site for hurting any one , its just for fun, and here you may not found any dirty links because, it is not porn site don't ever try to spam us in comments, this is a blog just for nice pakistani boys and girls.)
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May 19, 2009

Asian Girls

Hey Asian food tastes so gooood!!!

So may be Asian girls are the same.......
Really you will find the best girls in asia, sincere, caring, loving and much more..........

May 10, 2009

Kiss of Death (Snake) by Dr Shaista Wahidi - ARY Morning Show Video

Waqar Zaka (host of a “dare” show) with Dr. Shaista Wahidi (host of Morning Show on ARY TV) where they try to have her achieve a “Guinness World Record” for female host kissing a snake on the head (between head and eyes).

Interesting for the interaction between the two and the snake.

Other than that, don’t know what the relevance is for this - but evidently it is seen as evidence that women have guts as well (I guess they haven’t heard of childbirth).

Waqar Zaka is a bit creepy as well - the “dare” show he hosts encourages youth to do seemingly dangerous things and eating the same type of rotting foods as featured in “Fear Factor”. Except with THEIR show one is not sure if they have skilled experts who can ensure safety for their pakistani participants.

Do they have the ability to take injured participants to hospital in a hurry (or will they be caught up in Karachi traffic on the road).

The structure of the “dare” programs seems to indicate a total absence of “wise” directors at the top, as it seems to border on a glamorization of a “dare culture” (which along with improper “peer pressure” can lead to people doing what may suit other people, but may not be the best for their own health and safety interests).

This aspect is not as evident in “Fear Factor” and the Pakistani programs would do well to steer clear of the creepy aspects and regularize their programs towards a challenge-type programs, where the host DOES NOT encourage the participants to “go ahead” (even while they are disavowing culpability of the host and the TV channel if “anything goes wrong”).

In a court of law, it could be challenged that the underage participants were coerced under conditions created by the host to do the things they did.

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May 4, 2009

Are Islamabad girls really hot?

Yes, you are right when you searched for Islamabad girls, my friend.

Islamabad girls are really very cute. They are educated and Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan, girls here are very friendly, though this fact doesn't have anything to do with it being the nation's capital.

The hot girls in Islamabad are really cool. They love to hang out with their girl friends at places like Hot Spot, and other areas of the city like Blue Area, Jinnah Super market etc. They love to chat on mobile phones and they keep their Ufone, Warid, Mobilink, Wateen, Jazz, Paktel, Instaphone, mobile phone numbers secret from desperate lurkers like yourself. They hang out at places like McDonalds and Pizza Hut and are really fun to be with, if you are lucky enough to be their friend, which apparently you're not otherwise why would you be searching for girls in Islamabad on the web and not in real life?

But, to be a generous blog, you will not go un-satisfied. Feast you hungry eyes on some Islambad girl pictures and do come again!

Enjoy your stay and leave a comment so that everyone knows what you're thinking about.

Why do Islamabad girls need massages?

The girls in Islamabad like to keep themselves prim and proper and they go to the gym to stay fit and healthy. They work out, have regular massages in various gyms and massage parlours.

Like any other web searcher, you will find that searching for Islamabad girls usually results in poor quality links and blogs and sites claiming to offer you Islamabad girls mobile numbers and chatting options or perhaps some friendship like stuff.

This Islamabad hot girl blog doesn't do any of the above. This blog is to tell you that in order to know what Islamabad girls really want is to get in a relationship with them, but of course, if you could get into a serious relationship with a Islamabad woman or a model or someone conscious of her outlook you would not be searching wildly on the internet.

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This blog is for a girl in Pakistan in all her beautiful abilities, not just physical appearance, but apparently you don't care much about any of it, so in that case, here are a few more pictures of a girl in Pakistan for you.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Girl from Pakistan

Just a girl in Pakistan trying to figure out what is that makes a girl in Pakistan different than the rest of the world's girls.

A Pakistani girl is not considered equal to her male counterpart, right from the very beginning of her growing up - first siblings, then the walk of life. Although she will be given "more love" than her male siblings, more of it is a cosmetic exercise hidden behind the adage that "girls are really someone else's property (ie husband) and we're just taking care of her." Though, thankfully, this trend is changing. I wonder what is that inspired girls from other countries to come shoulder to shoulder along side men in all walks of life.

As a Pakistani girl, one must always think of boundaries and limits and what not. Surely this is not such a bad thing beacuse without boundaries and limits, society would just be anarchy. But traditions disguised at religious or moral restrictions are more to with a conservative set of beliefs than any religious edict. There's more traditionalism than anything else that is behind a Karachi girl's mindset, and what's forced as a norm on her.

But one likes to know the opinion of her contemporaries in different societies on this. Btw the pic is not mine! ;)

What, you were expecting something else?

More so, the so-called navigation page has the following:

Pretty cool, huh?

Though it would be rude to disappoint whoever stumbles upon this site, so in order to be a good entertainer, here are some Pakistani Hot Girls for all of you to enjoy! The pictures are all taken off the Net and whoever owns them, owns them!!

More Pakistan Hot Girls

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Hot Pakistani Girls - you got it pal

So it seems you are really persistent in your search for hot Pakistani girls, or Pakistani hot girls or whatever search terms you fancied for this, my desperate friend.

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Hot style

o then you've been looking for hot Pakistani nude girls and you came across this post on this blog. You don't expect to be disappointed and this blog will not disappoint you. It will offer you pictures of naked Pakistani girls and models, BUT the fact is that they are NOT naked at all as you can see from the pics below. The first one seems nude but she's only wearing some jewellery. The rest you can see are hardly naked or nude.

But enough of the bullshit. Let's get straight to the point.

Valentine's Day Girl

When Pakistani boys and girls are in love, every day is a valentine's day. But they also give each other gifts and presents and celebrate the occasion as lovers all over the world celebrate it.

Pakistani hot girls like hot valentine's day gifts. In return, they are thankful for the gifts and the love that their friends have given them.

Pakistani valentine's day is celebrated as a day of caring and love, not just for sex and other sexy things that the day is remembered for in other parts of the world.

Pakistani men and women are great Valentine's day givers. Roses and perfumes plus other red items are hot numbers. Everyone likes to give and give out great feelings and happiness for this occasion. Red is the colour of Valentine's Day and Love is the Message of that day.

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone on the coming 14th.

IDs and Contacts

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Karachi Girls in Games

Well, you've found it finally. Not really. To those searching for Miss Karachi, Pakistan, or Miss Pakistan or some such stuff, keep looking! Let's see what results we have:

Karachi girls
Karachi girls are amazing. They're fun, out going and have a great sense of humour. They like to educate themselves with the best that is available. Girls in Karachi are a fun group of people to hang around with.

Wellness is one of the most important health traits one can have. If a person is wealthy or famous, but does not have wellness, nothing is worth it. Karachi girls are particularly conscious about their wellness.

Girls in Karachi are sport fanatics. If not outdoors, they love to play games indoors, like badminton, table tennis, and even physically challenging sports like football and cricket. Not girly sports all the time! They love to watch cricket and can be great cricket fans.

Like all other girls in the world, girls of Karachi are shopping fanatics. They love shoes most of all, but also take shopping as a very interesting social experience. They usually hangout with their friends in malls and shopping areas, and can be found enjoying themselves over chaat or soft drinks.

If any particular group of Pakistani or Karachi population is crazy about music, it is the Karachi girls. They are die hard fans of pop music and music channels on various Pakistani TV channels. They can make or break any singer or artist in a matter of months. This power no other group in Pakistan has, and is unique to Karachi girls pop following.


More and more girls in Karachi are finding jobs and embarking on careers of their own. Gone are the days when girls of Karachi used to look forward to getting married after finishing their colleges. Now, the first priority of any middle class Karachi girl, and even lower middle class girls is getting a nice, decent paying job which can make her stand on her feet. Thanks to a good economic situation, coupled with IT and technology sector advancement, Karachi girls are finding jobs easily.

A huge population of Karachi's internet community is composed of girls. Girls like to chat with their friends during late hours on MSN, Yahoo, Google or mIRC or various IRC channels. Being less outgoing than boys, girls find internet to be a perfect hideout and hangout. The recent popularity of social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook and other places have given girls in Karachi a great opportunity to interact with anyone around the world.

Girls in Karachi are famous for being experts in various games. Those could be computer games, vidoe games, arcade or even board games. Some of the most popular activities amongs girls in Karachi are different 'social games' which require more friends, like carrom board, jeopardy, monopoly etc.
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