May 4, 2009

Hot Karachi girls and mobile phone numbers

Yes, Karachi girls are hot and they have mobile phones.

So what? A person really looking for mobile phone numbers of hot Karachi girls should do the following:

Get a great Karachi job
Work hard in Karachi with his career
Notice a hot Karachi girl
Show her how he cares
Get hot Karachi girl to give him the number
You got the mobile phone number of hot Karachi girl.

The steps above must be taken in that order. There are no shortcuts.

But I have a feeling that you're not here for these step. Oh and yes, all those searching for hot Karachi girls on the net, do not despair. You will not go unfulfilled.

Here are a few pictures of a hot Karachi girl. Mobile number not included. Click on a pic to get the bigger picture.


  1. funny w/o their numbers :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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