May 4, 2009

Your Valentine's Girl in Karachi

Your average Valentine's girl in Karachi is also the girl you know best. She is loving and caring and appreciates the gifts and presents, and all the flowers you give her on this day of love. But Miss Karachi is not just about gifts and flowers and mithai and cakes!

Your love must be above all material things for the girl in Karachi. When you are in love, every minute is like the Valentine's Day, when you're not, well it's not. Miss Karachi or any girl anywhere in the world for that matter, will love you for what you are and not how many red roses you have given her. You can play with her, with her mind and soul and she will let you play with her heart.

But always know that loving is caring, and giving is just a part of it. Valentine's day is not about some religion's day or a particular faith's day to be observed by a particular people. If the concept is pure and the intention is love and selfless giving, any day by any other name is Valentine's Day.

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