May 4, 2009

Don't play games with Miss Karachi

Miss Karachi is in a good mood today. She likes to hang out with her friends and enjoys their friendship as long as the friends don't take undue advantage of her friendliness. She will play with you and let you have a great time. She likes to shoot pool and will chat on the phone for you for hours, but don't let this fool you.
Karachi is a open-minded city with open-minded friendly girls. This leaves many to search frantically on the internet numbers of girls to hang out with. This is a mistake. Enjoy your time with friends and make them proud of your companionship and relationship.

Miss Karachi is a cool girl. She's hot and she likes to be take care of sweetly. If you still don't get it, just enjoy the pictures and try to get the message.

1 comment:

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