August 30, 2009

Western style wedding gowns

A lot of places offer western style wedding gowns for veiled women. I dug into the Hijab Magazine 2007 Catalog, and found some less flattering dresses there. I mean, I’m really into egyptian fashion, but some of the clothes just can’t make it to my wish list.. Like my mexican friend said to me when shopping in the City Stars mall; “they are into something, but they just can’t get there”… Here are the best wedding gowns from the 2007 edition:

I think I’d rather trust turkish designers on this one… I don’t know why but somehow they manage to make the dresses way more elegant, with way less sequined stuff. I want one like those underneath from Bala Couture! Now that’s flawless glam for the most important day of them all :)

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