August 30, 2009

Turkish formal and bridal hijab style

I love the creativity of the different styles of hijab wraps they make at Ayse Kuafor. As you might remember, I have posted about these wonderful formal styles earlier, here and here. Well, they have got some new pictures up, which are worth checking out if you need inspiration for the next wedding party or formal occation (sorry for the red water marks right across every picture).

I love the way the scarves are wrapped here, and the colors too (the green color is fab). Although the “cakey” dresses are not my favorites, I love the red dress (have something very close to it, just way less tight)…

Then, if you trust your wrapping abilities and is getting married soon, or if you are just dreaming, check out these wedding wraps:

CUTE! I want to attend somebodys wedding… Like right now!!!! Playing dress up is fun. And all that food is not bad either. What do you think? Would you try any of these styles?

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