August 30, 2009

Wedding Abaya

Salma, one of my dear readers, requested some bridal abayas. Although I would reccomend you to get your wedding abaya tailor made, here’s what I found around the net;

How I want this abaya from Arabian Nites. It’s not made for weddings especially, but looks beautiful and can be ordered in any color.

These beautiful bridal abayas are from al Sundus. I love the first one!

These abayas are from Islamic Boutique, Lebaas and Al Hijaab. The one in the middle from Lebaas is my favorite here.

From, two gorgeous gowns (or abayas). I love the 1st one, although I don’t think it’s very much an abaya.

These two from Al Yashmac are not really for weddings, but I’m sure you can use them for inspiration.

Which one do you like the most? Would you wear a normal white dress or an abaya? Or something different? What do you think is the best match for hijab?

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