October 23, 2009

Spanking Pakistani Girls by boys on roads

Over the last few years, since the market boom has taken off in the Pakistan, and the society has opened up and girls have found their way to shop around in the markets at their own without their families or the guardians, the incidents of spanking have increased.

Boys and even men, yes some of them, never spared a moment to have a lesiure spank on the backsides of the girls and they relish it and try to repeat it despite of the rush hours. There are also incidents in which the boys sped away on the motorbikes or in the cars, and their companions do the spanking on the girls. Sometimes they even slap the girls or cut them with blades.

Spanking of students in the schools as a method to ensure the discipline has been banned due to its adverse effects and just imagine the plight of the girls who are spanked in the public or in the market. Their self respect and dignity get tarnished pretty badly and soceity gets deprived of a fine personality.

No policing could prevent this sort of shameful activities, because this is the social evil and has to be sorted out at the social level by the social entities. Proper education and awareness among the boys at school and college level should be aimed at inducing in them the respect for the womenfolk.

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