May 11, 2010

Electricity Load Shedding in Pakistan

Electricity Load shedding in Pakistan is a very common topic nowadays, many websites and forums have discussed a lot about it,  many people talk every day every hour about electricity in pakistan, the question is that What is our future???? can any one give me answer?? whats the future of pakistani without electricity?? can we develop our country without Electricity? here i want to show you some pics related with load shedding, some people say electric pole dancing in pakistan that's why load shedding going on.. someone has post a children pic who is learning in lantern (is this really year 2010 or we are standing still 1960s or 1970s).  PLEASE TRY TO FORWARD THIS POST TO YOUR FRIENDS AS MANY AS YOU CAN... BEFORE YOU SEE AGAIN A BLACK SCREEN ON MONITOR AND YOU SAY Ohhhh!!!!!! ... LOAD SHEDDING!!

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