September 22, 2009

Meera and Atiq ur Rehman Scandal

In the bankrupt and aged Lollywood, the film industry of Pakistan, thing remain dull round the year and the same old heroines try to raise some stunts just to get their limelight in the media. Meera is famous for her immaculate English and her almost nude dances in the Indian movies. She has just found yet another chance.

Crying and trying to speaking her own version of English, Reema explained to the leery reporters that she was the country’s leading heroin, and that is why she was being setup by some Atiq ur Rehman, who claims that he is the husband of Meera. The man has also filed a report in the police station in Lahore, and has produced audiotapes and pictures of him with Meera, in which Meera is expressing her profound love with the Atiq.

Things are quiet interesting on this front. What do you think the real story is?


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